Clothing our nakedness.

Any other form of life is perfectly fitted to its environment. We were probably at our best when our bodies were covered in fur and we lived in jungle terrain. Since we lost our fur, we have had to clothe ourselves to protect our vulnerable, naked bodies from changing climates as we explored new terrains once we became nomadic.

We killed animals which we envied for their warm skins. We cut the skins from their flesh and used them to cover our bodies. We ate their flesh and believed we would become like them, strong and fearless.

Even today, with so many species becoming extinct, we still adorn ourselves with animal skins and use the animals for not just eating, but medicinal purposes, their bones for fertilizers, and endless inventive ways to incorporate them into our very beings. Causing extinction of diverse wildlife does not make us superior in the hierarchy of living things. Cruelty to animals for the sake of fashion is a well known activity of we, so called, ‘superior; beings.

We must now climb from the dark place where we have chosen to position ourselves, and make a supreme effort to avoid rhetoric and really act now to save what is left and protect, not destroy.

We have filled our bodies with plastic and contaminated air, soil, water with petroleum based forever chemicals. We must prove we can live without causing further harm and halt the continuation of destruction which currently has a momentum.

My next sequence of blogs will be about the development of materials we have inventively procured to clothe our naked bodies to cope with temperatures which vary around the globe during our nomadic travels. What else could we do? Well, we might have stayed in warmer climates where clothing was not necessary, such as the Rainforests. But now we have pushed indigenous people who defend those precious places to near extinction, and the wildlife to definite extinction. Why are we so incapable of working WITH Nature? We have attacked her since we lost our fur and walked in a bipedal fashion.

Did we evolve since then, or did we become an aberation upon the land and sea?

About borderslynn

Retired, living in the Scottish Borders after living most of my life in cities in England. I can now indulge my interest in all aspects of living close to nature in a wild landscape. I live on what was once the Iapetus Ocean which took millions of years to travel from the Southern Hemisphere to here in the Northern Hemisphere. That set me thinking and questioning and seeking answers. In 1998 I co-wrote Millennium Countdown (US)/ A Business Guide to the Year 2000 (UK) see
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