Agricultural solutions

I have just watched a Euronews coverage of how enterprising solutions have enabled Algerian farmers to utilise the water table below the desert and renewable electricity to grow potatoes and other foods in specially cultivated areas. Watch at:

This made me think to look for more ideas around the world to help farmers. I will keep looking and adding to this page.

Sustainable farming in a drought without irrigation, California:

Imperial College, London, pointing out possible nature based solutions when combating the effects of climate change:

And we can avoid pesticides to clear weeds. Just use goats!

Those who live in poverty in Brazil are gardening their way to healthier eating:

Decontaminating soil before growing vegetables:

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Retired, living in the Scottish Borders after living most of my life in cities in England. I can now indulge my interest in all aspects of living close to nature in a wild landscape. I live on what was once the Iapetus Ocean which took millions of years to travel from the Southern Hemisphere to here in the Northern Hemisphere. That set me thinking and questioning and seeking answers. In 1998 I co-wrote Millennium Countdown (US)/ A Business Guide to the Year 2000 (UK) see
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