Power Grid Vulnerabilities

According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), the power sector accounted for nearly two-thirds of global emissions growth in 2018, with coal use for power generation alone producing 10 Gt of CO 2.

Many countries have ageing nuclear power stations. They are not renewable. France is proud of its history of cheap and clean electricity.


Wind and solar renewables involve production using rare resources to build them and manufacturing processes which involve fossil fuels extensively.



Nuclear fission is a clean energy process but needs electricity from the existing fossil fuel powered grid to create the electric arc which builds the plasma.


Power Grids are vulnerable to natural disasters which happen on a more regular basis due to climate change.

Nuclear Power plants are vulnerable in times of war.


As we know, all heavily bombed countries, like Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Ukraine, Tigray, Lebanon, Palestine……. all lose their functioning infrastructure including the vital power grid.

And then there is the thousands of miles of pipelines required for the carbon capture plan……(snake oil hard sell?)


All pipelines are targets in conflicts.

It is additionally egregious to see wind farms destroyed after construction in Africa, as in Tigray, or thermal power plants blown up in Ukraine. When we try to be future proof, we cannot protect from the insanity of war.

But humans do try against the odds to build on what we have always known about carbon capture.

Support indigenous people and read about their rescue and commitment to wetlands previously botched by cattle farmers, now helping with carbon capture:


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