By 2100: Global warming is projected to lower per capita GDP by 50 percent minimum

We know the ongoing Ukraine war has forced a postponement of plans to make us less reliant on fossil fuels. The weaponising of energy has stopped us in our tracks.

A precursor to Ukraine was Tigray, fighting for independence but trashed by Ethiopian and Eritranean warfare when the large dam was bombed in 2021 and the country went dark.

Now we see 2022 to present day, the massive attacks on the Ukrainian energy infrastructure which was built in the Soviet era and Russia has the maps of where every part of it is located.

Destroying energy infrastructure with intent is a crime against humanity. More so if the global consequences are to increase emissions which accelerate climate change.

Environmental damage through war is immense. Economic damage is immense.

Research before the blackouts in Tigray and Ukraine estimated economic damage with already known factors, and the outlook is dire:

Economic stability is a fiction given our trajectory of insane perpetuation of harmful activities.

And Africa is an easy target for plunder, all countries continue to exploit its vast resources, for example, Russia in Eritrea and Sudan extracting gold and potash reserves, whilst the population suffer in drought conditions across the Horn of Africa:

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Retired, living in the Scottish Borders after living most of my life in cities in England. I can now indulge my interest in all aspects of living close to nature in a wild landscape. I live on what was once the Iapetus Ocean which took millions of years to travel from the Southern Hemisphere to here in the Northern Hemisphere. That set me thinking and questioning and seeking answers. In 1998 I co-wrote Millennium Countdown (US)/ A Business Guide to the Year 2000 (UK) see
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